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MKT is a leading provider of patent translations and IP support services. We have been in business for more than 10 years, working with global IP services providers and top European patent attorneys. Our focus is on delivering cost competitive, quality-driven translations for EP validation and PCT nationalization, and supporting your businesses with a wide range of IP management services.

Why Choose to Work With Us ?

We pride ourselves on nurturing an environment that puts clients first and where quality and responsiveness are rooted in our work ethos.

ISO 9001-based quality controls are set in our workflow to ensure we meet clients expectations.
Every time

When we make a commitment, 
we ensure we deliver 
as requested.

At the highest standards

Maintaining a sense 
of urgency in responding 
to clients demands is on top of our priorities.
That is our focus

+10 years

in business

+20’000’000 million

words translated per year


engineers, translators & consultants

What we do

We provide cost-efficient solutions and establish long-term and sustainable partnerships with our clients.

IP Translation

Leverage a platform that is equipped to manage high-volume translations in any language combination and technical field,
drawing from years of experience and expertise

Upstream IP

We can focus on the upstreamspace of your patents supply chain business, with an array of support services ranging from patent and prior art searching, to freedom to operate opinions and patent drafting services

Downstream IP

Maintenance and patent renewals are time consuming yet critical activities throughout the patent life cycle.
We provide cost-efficient solutions to ensure your rights are secured

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MKT INTERNATIONAL : Centre Urbain Nord – Tamayouz Building – B5 – 1082 Tunis – TUNISIE